Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've graduated now. After months of roadblocks and trouble I finished my senior thesis. In the end I decided to cut the story in half instead of drag production into the summer. It was a really hard decision for me but now I don't regret it. I learned multitude of important lessons working on this alone. Namely that I hate working alone. Secondly, making armatures/puppets out of steel and silicone is really hard. On to bigger and better things.

Here is the film

On of those bigger and better things is that I was awarded a Student Academy Award for the film I Co-directed and created with Isaiah Powers and Jeremy Casper called Dried Up. I am heading out to LA tomorrow to the award ceremony where we find out if we won bronze, silver, or gold. No matter what this event will be an awesome opportunity to feel out LA and see if there is anything I can get into outside of Kansas City.

So I updated the blog, and made it look like my new website. I'll post the link to the new website soon.

LA here I come!

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