Friday, December 17, 2010

hittin' dat photoshop


I am proud of this one because I actually painted it in Photoshop.  Instead of doing little cheats to get colors right I just painted over and reworked stuff until it worked.  Although it looks a bit dark now...

Edit: I need to bring my screen up to standards.  The second one was way to dark on this screen.


  1. Oh, just fix the color problem in Pshop. haha! I know that's what you said you were proud about NOT doing. But, really, why use Photoshop if not to streamline and improve your process?

    REGARDLESS, looks good man.

  2. What I meant was there is a difference between my cintque and my monitor. And I can't get them the same. Its really weird. So I did end up lightening it up.