Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bread, glitter, and an existential adventure odyssey for kids.

This was an image I created for a zine a few close friends have been working on. This is for the second issue.  Bread and Glitter is a arts publication made in Kansas City, but with contributors around the US.  They run a blog and run prints quarterly(check the link for ordering info).  I was excited that I could be the first guest artist to design/illustrate their cover.  They gave me full creative freedom and trusted me a lot.  Thanks guys!

On another note.  I really like this character.  It all started with this blog post. I realized I hadn't drawn a person with a sword or ax in a very(very) long time and decided to draw one.  Man was I missing out.  I like him so much I am starting to think of TV show ideas with him.  I think it will be an existential adventure odyssey show for kids.


Check out the twitter, vimeo, facebook, and web icons that are on the right.  It took me a couple of hours to learn enough HTML to put them there.  I'm feeling pretty good about myself...pretty good.