Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maceonia...Day one(ish)!

I'm almost in Skopje, Macedonia now. Right now I have a 4 hour lay over in Zurich.  The airport here is so peaceful.  You got to love that Swiss sense of design.

Us having to much fun in a train.
Baring some minor delays and a sprint/walk to our connecting flight in Chicago everything has been pretty smooth.  Although I am tired in the strangest way.  I can't think, and I have trouble putting sentences together (you should see how many times I've re-written this post).  But I am excited enough that I can't really sleep.


  1. Whoa, these are awesome Stuart! Sounds like a experience on which y'all are embarking. Enjoy!

  2. great experience...

  3. nice, dude. i dig those architectural sketches. let's see more of thems!