Friday, May 13, 2011

Stop-motion resources for the people.

This is my main character from my senior thesis. I decided to make public all the resources I found on making ball and socket armatures. I spent a few months finding this stuff. Here is a link to how my puppet turned out and the film I made with him.

Below are a bunch of PDFs on google Docs that you can view and download.

 To be clear I do not create these nor do I own these.  If you are an owner/creator leave a comment and I will put up your link here. >>PDFs here<<

Other good places to find info on stop-motion:

Any more questions about my process? Hit me up on my facebook page and twitter. Links are on the right.

Share your resources with me! I always love to learn more about how people make their films.  It doesn't matter what kind of animation.  Let me have it.

What is your process?

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