Friday, June 24, 2011

Some times I get bored in meetings.

Ballpoint Pen / Photoshop
Work has been busy.  Here are some drawings I mananged to snag while everyone else was paying attention.  Its good for me to remind myself that I need to keep working on life drawing.  As you all probably know a good cartoon comes from good life drawing skills.

The lady on the left kept looking at me.  
Its always awkward when your subject notices he/she is being studied.  I have a thee-strikes rule to combat this.  I keep drawing someone until I make eye contact with them three times. After that I stop.
Do you have a rule for life drawing in public?
Or are you one of those people that just unashamedly stares down the person?


  1. One time a subject I was drawing got up and another person sat down, so I just kept going till I had a hybrid. It was weird and fun. Sort of from surreal life.

  2. When ever i realize my victim has spotted me, i try to pretend like they are just some coincidental part of my drawing. I continue to draw the world around them so every time they look at me, my eyes aimed at their general area but not dead on them. Usually the outcome is that they loose interest and after a few mins (if available) i have free range to continue my drawing :)