Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How did I get started with animation? With this drawing.

Like all artists. I get my best ideas while asleep or on the toilet. I was a sophomore in College at the Kansas City Art Institute, and I needed my first final animation idea. One day while on the loo I looked down and noticed a little face outlined in the the concrete where the wall of the stall had been expanded out. I got an idea, I should animate a bunch of robots dancing to my friend Max's music and they style should be simple and naive.

and so it was that I made ctrl>alt>dance

ctrl>alt>dance from Stuart Bury on Vimeo.

Sorry for the short post. The landlord at the place we were going to move into bailed on us and said we couldn't live there. We had already moved most of our stuff there. So last night my friends and I moved all of our stuff back to the old place. I am super tired and forgot to draw/didn't have my sketchbook for a proper post this morning.


  1. My best ideas come a stone's throw away from the toilet: The Shower. Something about being able to talk in a loud voice but not have anyone really hear what you're saying over the rush of the water is very inspiring for me, so I often am throwing a towel around myself and running off to my sketchbook to jot down some concept afterward.

    I really liked Ctrl Alt Dance, it was a lot of fun to watch. Nice to hear some backstory on it!

    Good luck with the move. I hate when stuff like that happens. Last year a similar thing occurred to my wife and I, where the person who's house we were supposed to move into decided last second not to move, and we were out of luck. So we stayed where we were instead. It worked out, but it can be disappointing.

  2. cracks in walls and cloud formations give the best ideas ever.

  3. I love the patterned rug my parents bought for the bathroom for this very reason :3