Friday, July 8, 2011


This is a story board panel for a film I am helping with.  I hope I will be able to post the full video in a couple of months. 

My only job is storyboards.  And it is the first time I have done this for a live action film.

Its a bit strange to have so little control over the end product. 

In animation the goal is to have the story boards very precise so that you don't end up spending time animating anything that will get cut later.  In live action I can guarantee that this shot will look different.  Mostly because there is no way the location scout can find this burnt out forest because it only exists in my head.

It is nice to play a small part in a project.  The burden is light and I get to meet new people in Kansas City that want to make film.

How many of you have worked on both animation and live-action projects? What little (but important) differences have you found?

Do you have any story boarding tips for me?


  1. Here's a couple of sites that may inspire:

  2. WoOw Stuart! these are very elaborated story board drawings, good for you! mine are total doodles. I really enjoy watching your process, it inspires me :)