Monday, August 8, 2011

Do you see what I see? //character design//

This is what I want the main character to our film will look like.  A few posts back I had a few drawings of him and asked you guys to tell me which one you liked better.  I really enjoyed reading each of you phsyco analyze each character based on his face. So I thought I could test out this character by asking you to do the same. 

What kind of person do you think this guy? 

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  1. It looks like he has a tall ship with fully unfurled sails on his back. :)

    He looks a little less creepy than the one guy from your previous post, but still in the "creepy" department. I think it's that shady mustache with the slightly-drunk-colored nose. But his eyes are less shifty than previously, so that's something. I really like the tree in the back, and the interesting gradient overlay you applied. Keep up the good work!

  2. I don't trust this guy. He doesn't look like he would screw me over on purpose, but there's opportunism and weakness in the case of his face. He will sway with whatever wind. I don't think it's just the mustache, though the mustache certainly contributes.

  3. He looks like a pretty nice guy, but a wanderer. I imagine he's the middle child of a family with three kids, and the least like his siblings or parents. Probably all he wants to do is travel and see nature and meet people and learn, probably because he's looking for Truth. He looks like a pretty upstanding guy but there's probably some weakness in his character because he's not sure where he gets the notion of right and wrong and so on.

  4. Its that ear.... its the only clue we have that he is wolfman.. but it is a dead give away. The way it sticks out, is pointy at the top and has a bite missing from the bottom of it.. 

  5. Nice character!
    He has a friendly but unsure look about him.  Perhaps the only bold decision he made today was to part his hair.

  6. ...maybe i've seen too many mafia movies lately, but he looks to me like he wouldn't flinch if given a contract on his brother-in-law... maybe even invite this brother-in-law on a hiking/camping trip out to the middle of nowhere for the communion...