Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I don't go to bars much.

A few years back at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. I heard Don Hertzfeldt talk about his animations.  The auditorium was packed with swooning animation nerds, and when the Q&A time came the typical question came.

"Do you have any tips for me? I want to be an independent film maker like you!"

I forget Don's exact words, but he said something to the effect of, "I don't have much a social life, I animate.  All I do is make films, I live a simple life, and purpose to do as much."*

Film-making is hard work.  Mr. Hertzfieldt's comment encouraged this kid to take his personal work seriously.  And most of all, work really, really, really hard.  I need to remember sometimes that films don't make themselves, and if you want to make a great film you have to dedicate your whole existence to it.  Then after you are done with the next Oscar winning animation.  Take a rest.

And now excuse me while I take a big dose of my own medicine.

What advice have you learned through the years?  Share it with me.

*P.S.  Mr. Hertzfieldt, if you read this and feel you were miss represented, I'm sorry.  I will gladly take credit for this little lesson and change your name to "Mr. Poopsfieldt" to avoid confusion.


  1. I think you meant "propose" instead of "purpose."  A good quote though.

  2. The reality is... once you've won your Oscar winning animation, you'll work harder than you EVER have.  There is no rest.

  3. This is pretty accurate.