Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I found the secret to sucess...

...unfortunately its not really a secret.

The intention to make something special is common.  What artist/writer/whatever wouldn't want to do something that could touch peoples lives and make them feel something. 

The problem is we (me included) tend to get stuck here.  We have the burden of desire, but no direction or inkling on where to go next.

I have a solution(notice I didn't say "the").

Are you a writer?  Write.  Are you a visual storyteller? Draw.  Are you anything else? Master the foundations.

Work on the basics. Work at them until you hate them, then work at them harder.  One day you will have your genius moment. Its simple but it works.

It will come someday, but will you have the skills to show the world?


  1. Truer words were never spoken.

    If only it was easy. :)

  2. Wow Stuart, I am so impressed, I remember trying to hammer this concept into kids heads, it is a tough pill to swallow, now it is echoed back at me. Imagine trying to motivate up to 150 kids a day and teach them all the fundamentals that I so desperately wished to impart to those amazing creators and around every corner was this inevitable stumbling, fumbling, bump in the way. The only way around it is to just do it. this makes me want to go draw something, I think I'll paint a mermaid.   

  3. WORD.