Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The most magical thing I have painted...ever


This is the first of some exploritory drawings for a new film called CONSTELLATING that I am working on with Thomas.

For those of you that are curious the film will be a short stop-motion film. I'm going to be starting on the visual design, so expect to see a lot of drawings/paintings/sculptures.

I am really happy with this even though I wouldn't usually consider myself good at landscapes.   
I think its time I stop telling people that.


  1. mmmm... nice glow and star flares... im a sucker for that. What if there is like... a black hole hinted at above/behind a tree for one of the studies (not so much in this)?

  2. looks really nice, my friend. i like the liberal use of COLORs and the stars shining through the clouds.

  3. The light in this picture is very magical and enchanting. A stunning and elegant work.