Monday, December 5, 2011

Sketch Dump

black brush pen

 I've been getting really into this liquid acrylic and a brush for my line work.  I haven't felt much like drawing lately, but I've been forcing myself to.  I bought this huge sketch book.  I really wish I hadn't.  I usually go through a sketch book a year, but this one is probably going to take twice as long.  So I am drawing as much as possible to get done with this one as soon as possible.

Enjoy!(more after the break.)


  1. Nice showing, Stuart! I especially love the I don't wanna draw one. A sketchbOok a year, eh? Shouldn't it be more like one a month?! :)

  2. stuart -- i haven't had much luck with google+ actually adding anything to my life, but because it led me to your art, i'm thankful for it.  your stuff is fantastic.  there is so much personality and emotion in the characters you draw.  i'm so thrilled to get to watch your work now.  although i haven't seen you in years and years, just wanted to let you know i admire your art, and i'll be keeping my eye out for your stuff.  take care.

  3. If the big sketchbook gets you drawing more just to finish it sooner that'll be a good thing, no doubt. I don't think I need to tell you how much keeping constant sketchbooks and filling them month after month has helped me improve and think through my process as an illustrator. So love your big sketchbook and fill it to the brim.

  4. I love the fact that you admit that sometimes you don't feel like drawing, I was going through a major drawer's block and I'm slowly getting out of it. That post "Unblocking Drawer's Block (more tips for drawing)" you started with:

    -Have you ever been totally bored of drawing, but you know you need to practice more?
    That was exactly what was going in my head and I was feeling so, so
    guilty, I'm happy that this is normal for everyone (well, actually I
    shouldn't be happy, drawer's block is a terrible thing) but thanks for
    posting about this things.

  5. I totally don't feel like drawing but know I need too sometimes.  The reason you do it is because then you have the skills when you have that killer idea for a drawing.