Friday, May 11, 2012

Flash Animation Test.

I wanted to "finish" some (very, very simple) animation in Flash, but it ended up with me learning about animating gradients. Flash is pretty neat when you aren't being frustrated by it.  

My line work has improved in Flash considerably after starting to utilize the pen tool while cleaning up.  Still, I would rather get a good line/shape the first time.  Does Flash take this much work for everyone else?

I really need to try out Toon Boom.

What do you use for your 2d animation, do you like it?  Do you have any tips for me as I am starting to learn how to clean up animation in Flash?


  1. hey stuart!
    this is awesome.
    have you seen nick cross' "inking" in flash demos?
    they're pretty neat. 

    you can watch them here

    i like setting the brush at a really low smoothing and just painting for clean up. 

  2. I Like it! Do a tutorial! thanks!


  3. (forgot to say please so..) please? ;)