Friday, May 18, 2012

Red, White, and Blue (and yellow) Drawings from my sketchbook.

Look I did it! I actually did some life drawing! I've been telling you guys I needed to do more, so here is proof. 

Yeah, it is only one little sketch, but you know what they say about the journey of one thousand miles....

I am really enjoying these Col-Erase colored pencils and white liquid acrylic aesthetic.  Does anyone know if There are other colors of Col-Erase colored pencils?


  1. All your work is excellent. I think you would be a wonderful illustrator for children's literature.

  2. These are incredible.  We need to collaborate someday.  Definitely bookmarking your page.

  3. Yes!
    There's also a 24-color set on Amazon going for like $1 more than the 12-set.

  4. hey man, there are tons of other coloured Col-Erase, I get mine off ebay they are called COL-ERASE PENCIL Box/12 FULL RANGE OF COLOURS AVAILABLE
    from chromacolour. They have all the colours listed there.