Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kill Churchill stop-motion book promo - behind the scenes -

I've been busy having a new baby boy, fixing up my house, and working!

Fortunately I have a neat stop-motion project to show you, and some neat pictures from the making of!

Our humble, messy, attic studio

We used a basic aluminum wire armature for our puppet. Other materials are shown. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Is it cheating to modify doll clothes? I hope not...

Isaiah the Giant
If you want to get an earful ask Isaiah about his "fractured time" theory. Spoiler: the puppets are alive.

Isaiah animated most of the sequence, but when I finished our shoot he wasn't there to take a congratulatory picture so I had to do it myself.

Just a little lighting test before we got everything finished.
I hope you enjoyed the small sneak peak into our miniature world. As always I'll try to answer as many questions that you guys have.

Be sure to download a copy of the book Kill Churchill! 

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