Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Globe-trotter. My cartoons from around the world.


Hello world.  It seems I only have time for some quick sketches today.  Also today in England I saw a lady that had a red nose.  This is usually a stylistic choice for me, but I had no idea people actually had bright red noses.

In the traveling I've done in the last month I think I have only increased my desire to travel more.  Its comforting for me (a noob in the travel world) to see new places and expand my visual dictionary of what the world looks like.

So where is your favorite place in the world. Is it s cafe or coffee shop? Perhaps a street or alley way.  Let me know.  I want to add it to my itinerary.


  1. I believe it would be table mountain national park in capetown south africa where you can sit on the edge of a cliff and gaze off into the junction of the indian ocean and the atlantic. Nothing better.

  2.  I do enjoy London quite a bit but I think my favorite might be Venice. They specialize in masks, glass, and marbled paper. Everything is beautiful and quite because there are no cars but Venice is also full of tourists. If you ever go just know that everything is expensive because it all has to be imported (even water).

  3. You are probably in paradise there.  All I know is that the biggest lesson I have learned while traveling is that I need to travel more. 

  4.  Some day Isaiah we will travel together to make a film.