Friday, July 15, 2011


Your pride; throw it out! 

Above I've shown you some quick little photoshop drawings.  I am legitimately embarrassed of the one in the lower left hand.  It sucks.  They guy on the bike is a bit better.  Each one challenged me to give up "a good drawing" and explore a bit more.

A couple of "rules" for this exercise:

  • keep it quick (about 5 min)
  • make rash decisions
  • try to mess it up
  • do the opposite of your intuition
  • do A LOT of them (at least 5 per subject matter)
  • reap the benefits of being freed from your own heavy expectations of your ability.
 This one isn't so much about how to train your hand to draw, but how train the ego to shut up and let you draw.  So say it with me..."I draw crappy things sometimes, but I won't let my shame ruin the discovery process."

See what other fun things you can do to break out of the old routine! EXERCISE #1 EXERCISE #2

*(remember to send them to me me on twitter, facebook, and/or google+. I'll be posting your drawings at the end of this series with links back to your blog/site)


  1. I love the guy in green with the glasses, it's terrific. I'd hang that on my wall. Wonderful color choices, and great emotion.

    I totally agree, you need to toss your ego out the window and just go for stuff. So it might not be a rousing success, that's okay. You'll learn a lot from it anyway. I'm going to give a go at this exercise later. I've been doing so much life drawing that it will be nice to take a break and do some random imaginative stuff!

  2. Awesome,

    remember to shoot them over to me when you are done so I can put them in with the other drawings from other people in this series!

  3. Cool stuff.  I'm definitely not an artist, which you can see if you go to my latest blog post at My version of drawing is doing a timeline to explain something, adding a few scribbles (I'm a math geek, not an artist).  

    Is this link enough to get the drawings?  I could message over on FB or twitter if you'd like.

  4. I tried some doodles. Check them out here -->

  5. this goes for animation too man! gota take risks if
    you wana try to go somewhere new.

        cool beans man.