Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unblocking Drawer's Block (more tips for drawing)

Have you ever been totally bored of drawing, but you know you need to practice more? 

Me too, that is why I thought it might be nice to do a little series on my blog about how to get past that seemingly unavoidable barrier and move on to interesting, inspiring drawings.

Method #2: Blind Contour Drawings

It is easy! just put a pen/pencil/marker/whatever down on your paper, look at the person or object, then draw him/her/it without looking.  After a few unrecognizeable drawings you will get some really interesting looking stuff.  This exercise always helps me to stop caring about the actual drawing and focus on observing the subject. And that is the point! 

Its an easy way to rekindle your intrest in drawing.
It works.

As always, if you feel stuck give these methods a try and share your drawings with me on my facebook, twitter, or in the comments of this post.  Links are in my "Contact" tab up at the top.

I covered my first method of surpassing the boredom in my last post.

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  1. Stuart, this is so interesting that you posted this. The (almost) only thing I've been doing for the past year now has been a series of blind contours. I'll have to show you some soon & maybe add you to my collection! -Amanda O'Shaughnessy