Friday, August 17, 2012

ParaNorman is anything but normal...

....and that is a good thing.

Want to know what I thought of the movie?

We've all seen the trailers, so I don't need to go into how immensely awesome the animation, armatures, sets, lighting, cinematography, props, and effects animation is.

Top-notch awesome stuff...
What sets ParaNorman apart from most other stop-motion features I've seen is the story.

I think its safe to say this isn't your typical children's zombie movie.  There are many nods to many other zombie movies, and I laughed out loud multiple times. (I also felt a couple tugs on the ol' heart...)

Did I mention that I think it is the biggest contender for and Oscar this year?

I won't say too, much else about this film.  But I do want to issue a HUGE congratulations to all who worked on the film over the last two years.  You've out done yourselves and have inspired your fellow stop-motion artists.

Now to double down on that stop-motion short I'm working on this year.  Any ParaNorman crew want to help a brother out?

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