Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More drawing experiments.

 This is the old 90/10 exercise.  You may be familiar with it, but I am really starting to love it.  For those of you who are learning, the 90/10 exercise is simple.  Count to 9 while looking at the subject and when I get to 10 I look at my paper.

Try it out.

About a week ago I had a few posts about what to do when you were stuck in a drawing rut (post 1, post 2, post 3).  And it all ended with me writing a little creative process essay.  A few of you decided to join in. 

The photos below have the credits to the artist directly beneath them.  My favorite was the AKIRA inspired drawing by Evan Tedlock.

Ben Whitehouse
Dan Buck

Evan Tedlock


  1. It's fun to see everyone else's experiments.

    Question about this 90/10 thing, though. Do you just draw straight through after staring at the reference, or do you spend one second drawing and then return to 9 seconds of looking? I've not heard of this one and am a bit confused.

  2.  I always have drawn the whole 10 seconds.  But the way you proposed sounds equally interesting.  I might have a try at it that way.

  3. AHA! I see, so it's like a blind contour drawing but with 1 second non-blind then. Gotcha, gotcha. Good stuff. I always found blind contour drawing to be fascinating.